In the beginning, After the Credits was called the MAD Film Gab and it looked, and sounded, much different than it does today. The podcast began in the wild west of podcasting – 2005! – as a weekly show which was part of a movie website called MADAboutMovies. In November 2007, MADAboutMovies, along with MoviePatron and FilmGrotto, came together to form

RowThree quickly grew into a niche community where cinefiles gathered to discuss their latest obsessions. Over the years, the site grew to include a number of other podcasts and a roster of contributors. The rise of social media saw the discussion move from the site to other outlets like Facebook an Twitter and in the closing year, the site became more of a podcasting hub with the only regular postings being the Cinecast and After the Credits.

With the Cinecast retiring after 500 episodes, it was decided to close RowThree in November 2017 after 10 years of life on the internet.

And so, was born.

After the Credits

Originally hosted by Marina Antunes, Dale McGladdery and Valorie Hoye, the early episodes of the show ran between 45 and 90 minutes, with discussion centered on a theme selected by the hosts. Colleen Vince came on board in episode five for a show on Bruce Campbell and never left.

Now more than 200 episodes in, After the Credits publishes two regular shows a month: a monthly preview of upcoming movies and a mid-month update on what we’ve been watching.

The podcast occasionally also includes special guest hosts, interviews and festival coverage.

Girls on Pop

Launched in February 2016, co-hosts Marina Antunes and Sarah Brocklehurst run down the latest in pop culture news – from a female perspective.

The show has been dormant since 2017 but there are plans for a relaunch in 2020.