After the Credits Episode 2 – Retro Is In


Dale, Colleen and Marina talk about a new release, an old release and take a trip down memory lane with MSCL.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper

:17 – Introduction

:55Enchanted (review)
– Disney references in Enchanted care of the Kansas City Star
7:38Hot Rod Trailer
12:52 – “My So-Called Life”
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5 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 2 – Retro Is In

  1. Keep stickin it to Kurt. Eventually he'll break!

    I totally agree with you guys that Enchanted is not really a kids movie. It's kid friendly, but I think a lot of the kids in my screening were getting antsy.


    ~ For Your Consideration ~

    ~ No Country for Old Men ~

    Best Adapted Screenplay


  2. Ah the rise of Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano. What a honey.


    Oh yes, Anderson is uber-retro. His films take place now(?), but all the gadgetry and sets are completely late 60s and 70s – especially Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic.


    ~ For Your Consideration ~

    ~ Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton) ~

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role


  3. LOL

    The best part of both of your comments Andrew are your Oscar Plugs. NICE.

    Shameless, I know, but I'm not much of an Anderson fan. I liked Tenenbaums and Rushmore but have been indiferent to most of his other stuff (and Bottle Rocket is one i've missed but it is on my list of things to watch).

    I love his aesthetic but I don't like his characters.

  4. As soon as I can Extract the great 'bob, put the gun down' scene from Bottle Rocket, it will become a FF article. Bottle Rocket has a compulsive rewatchability to it. I've seen the darn thing almost 2 dozen times at this point!

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