After the Credits Episode 11 – Holding back the cough


Dale, Colleen and Marina discuss a few new releases, a couple of new DVDs and look forward to the end of the film drought.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper

:04 – Introduction
1:26Normal (our review)
7:14Starting Out in the Evening
11:20Seven Samurai trailer
Criterion Edition
15:47Across the Universe
18:09The Brave One

21:08 – Closing thoughts
Port Moody Film Festival

4 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 11 – Holding back the cough

  1. Lots of "firsts" Kurosawa did in that movie. That's my second favorite commentary of all time. Interesting that you watched it recently as we just talked about it on our show… copy cat.

    Marina, you and I seem to see eye to eye on almost everything movies. Have you noticed that? Across the Universe, Elizabeth, etc. The story in ATU is nearly non-existant, but it looks and sounds great – and as shallow as the characters are, I like them and think they're fun.

    HD is NOT the way to go now. Stay away from it – as you probably know by now, they've pretty much lost the battle (unfortunately).

    I spoke too soon. You're wrong on "The Brave One." the only complaint I have on that movie is the way NYC itself is portrayed.





    Love the ending for The Brave One. It's totally believable. I love how she actually kills the guy at the end. If this were a bullshit movie, she'd have a change of heart at the last second and put the gun down and sigh. maybe give the guy a good kick in the ribs and then let him get arrested. But no, she blows him away (which is so much more believable. THEN, I love the way that made me feel. Very hollow inside. At first, it's HELL YEAH! Kill that mother trucker! But then you realize what the movie is trying to say (partly): vengeance won't make you feel better and it certainly won't bring your husband back (Lost is on tonight!). Howard was awesome, Nikki Katz was awesome, all the chemistry was awesome. Throw in the twist that she's a talk-radio DJ and has to discuss the "vengeance killer" on the air with callers is a GREAT plot device. Her almost schizophrenic/split-personality thing works great. Critics (and you 😉 are so wrong about this movie.





    Never was a huge Van Halen fan, but Eddie really shreds the Eruption.

  2. To me she didn't come across as an individual who would be capable of becoming violent and maybe that's what works for the film but because I didn't buy it to begin with, everything else, including the ending (which I did like), seemed irrelevant.

    The VH ending was for hubby. He loves those guys and that tune is freakin' wicked sick. Wouldn't want to try my hand at that one on Guitar Hero (my newest addiction).

  3. 80's EDITION???????????????????????????????????????

    There's an 80's EDITION???????????????? I NEED TO GO SHOPPING.

    I have III. It's AWESOME. I've been monopolizing the XBox for 2 weeks. I don't think hubby likes it much. Means less flying time for him… 😀

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