After the Credits Episode 20 – May Preview


Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina look ahead to the films opening in May!

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for trailer.

:01 – Bumper

:04 – Introduction
Movie Club Podcast – Upcoming films for May: C.R.A.Z.Y. and The Ice Storm
Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation upcoming screenings

Opening May 2nd

3:29Made of Honor
5:21Iron Man
6:15Son of Rambow
7:05Mister Lonely

Opening May 9th

11:07Speed Racer
13:17What Happens in Vegas
15:05The Fall

Opening May 16th

19:47The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
23:50How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer

Opening May 23rd

24:36Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
27:03War Inc.

Opening May 30th

28:29Sex and the City: The Movie
30:02The Strangers
31:40The Foot Fist Way
32:01Savage Grace

33:32 – Closing thoughts
– 353 Haiku Movie Review Tanka

Closing music – Veda Hille‘s “Slumber Queen

9 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 20 – May Preview

  1. — My fault on the RSS feeds. Proves I'm not so confident in the techie side of the site.

    — You're leaning towards hating Giamatti just on principal? Hate on for Costner and Giamatti, but love Kauffman. Which planet are you from again Colleen?

    — I too kind of liked "The Cell". I think it kind of got hammered by critics at the time didn't it? Maybe that's why the director hasn't been around. Nice visuals and I'm totally looking forward to "The Fall". I picked up Cell for $3 and plan to watch it again soon.

    — Don't bother with LotR part 2 and 3. The first one is the best one and part 3 is horribly boring and filled with sameness – see "Clerks II" for a full and accurate synopsis.

    — There better be snakes in Indy. I didn't see any in the trailer (which is probably a good thing).

    — Postal is going to kick ass!

    ..and just for fun:

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  2. Ahh I think I am going to take Dale's suggestion and channel all my rage towards Ashton Kutcher. As for Llyod Kaufman… there is something about a living Looney Tune character that has its appeal. That doesn't mean I suddenly like Kevin Costner or Paul Giamatti….It just means I hate Asfton that much more.

  3. If I could track down a cheap copy of The Cell, I'd pick it up and you're right, it didn't do well with critics but it wasn't a total waste – 47% on RT. We've seen directors with worse track records keep making movies.

    In the trailer page I posted a video interview with Tarsem and he basically admits that this was an obsession and that he spent all of his money making it:

  4. Awesome. Makes "The Fall" even more appealing and intriguing!

    As for choosing Kutcher (sp?) over Gimatti to get your hate on, I can live with that (it makes a lot more sense). Giamatti is the man!

  5. @Marina You can have my copy of the Cell. I don't see me ever watching it again…and I don't collect film like you do.

    @Andrew My dislike of Paul Giamatti is a strange thing. He is the kind of actor I would normally like, but much like that lady who has epileptic seisures everytime she hears Mary Harts voice, I instantly get annoyed when ever I see him. Weird

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