After the Credits Episode 64 – And How Bad Was It?


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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina talk about a few movies we’ve seen over the last few weeks.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper
:04 – Opening Music: Riverboat Gamblers’ “Ice Water”
:19 – Introduction
– “I’m on a Boat”
3:10David Carradine
8:44The English Surgeon
15:04 – Woody Allen on TCM
23:39The Shape of Things to Come
25:40 – “Nurse Jackie”
27:06The Brothers Bloom
26:09Suspicious River
38:14The Reader
39:12The Spirit
40:15 – TV Talk
– “Burn Notice”
– “Castle”
– “True Blood”
42:01Battle Royale
43:40 – Closing remarks
46:10 – Closing Music: Riverboat Gamblers’ “Whats What”

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The English Surgeon Trailer

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4 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 64 – And How Bad Was It?

  1. The movie Colleen was talking about is Zelig, one of my favorite Woody Allen films. Its a faux documentary and it is hilarious.

    I caught that interview with Woody on TCM too, and found it fascinating. Another of the film's he thought really worked was Hollywood Ending, which I have not seen but thought was poorly received, but he talked of it as one of his great comedies.

    For me the must sees are

    Annie Hall

    Love and Death


    Bullets Over Broadway

    Sweet and Lowdown


  2. Love and Death is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, and Annie Hall is in my top ten movies of all time, I am assuming you have seen it, Marina?

  3. Saw Annie Hall but years ago. The first Allen film I actually *remember* seeing and enjoying was Mighty Aphrodite. I haven't seen a whole lot of his work since then but I was in the minority of folks that actually enjoyed Scoop. Still have to see Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona & Cassandra's Dream (along with everything else)!

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