After the Credits Episode 70 – VIFF Preview 2009


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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen, Marina and special guest Jason Whyte of eFilmCritic look ahead to the Vancouver International Film Festival.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper
:07 – Opening Music: dZ’s‘s “Get Out”
:40 – Introduction
Fantastic Fest
Don on Twitter
Jason on Twitter

38:45 – Closing thoughts
45:37 – Closing Music: dZ’s‘s “Really High Hopes”

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4 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 70 – VIFF Preview 2009

  1. Hey, guess what?! I finally listened to one of our podcasts all the way through. I'm going to get in the podcast habit yet, it just takes me a little while. And you thoroughly succeeded in making me jealous of all the stuff you're going to see. Remind me of this jealousy next June so I get my ass in gear to see some of the LA Film Festival. (This year it happened to be the same week that work was insane and I was working like eleven hours a day, so I couldn't have done much anyway.)

  2. How big is the L.A. Film festival, one would think huge?

    enjoying following the VIFF experience through the podcast and twitter, nostalgic for our time in the sun last month.

    I think I have already hammered it home, but See We Live in Public.

  3. It's actually not as big as you'd think. At least not in terms of prestige – not very many premieres and things like that. And it's not the kind of thing that they talked about on the podcast with VIFF where you don't get to see a lot of those films except at the fest – aside from a few smaller things without distribution (and looking at the schedule, I didn't see a lot of interest there this year), everything comes to LA in actual release. There are some big gala presentations just because it's Hollywood; we had Michael Mann introducing Public Enemies this year, that kind of thing. But I'm less interested in those than in the smaller Sundancy/TIFFy stuff.

    Next year I should have more time to check it out, though. I'm sure there are hidden gems if I'm able to pay closer attention to it.

  4. Thanks guys! I loved listening to the TIFF coverage but was itching to get things going with VIFF.

    And Mike – your WE LIVE IN PUBLIC recommendation did not fall on deaf ears. Saw it yesterday (Ondi did a fantastic Q&A after the show) and it was mind blowing. So much to chew on with lots of bonus tidbits to come on the DVD. It's going to be a must own.

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