After the Credits Episode 92 – December Preview

Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) and I talk about the movie opening in December.


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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

Opening Music: Daft Punk’s “End of Line (TRON Legacy Score) (iTunes)

Opening December 3rd

Black Swan
All Good Things
I Love You Phillip Morris
Night Catches Us
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
The Warrior’s Way

Opening December 10th

The Tourist
The Tempest
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Company Men
The Fighter

Opening December 17th

TRON: Legacy
Yogi Bear
How Do You Know
Rabbit Hole
Casino Jack

Opening December 24th

Little Fockers
True Grit
The Illusionist
Gulliver’s Travels
Country Strong

Opening December 31st

Blue Valentine
Another Year


Vancity Theatre

Pacific Cinematheque

European Union Film Festival

Closing Music: Daft Punk’s “End of Line (TRON Legacy Score) (iTunes)

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