After the Credits Episode 95 – 2010 in Review

Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff), Shannon (Movie Moxie) and I look back to 2010 and list off our favourites of the year.


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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Opening credits sequence from The Wild Hunt

Shannon’s Top 10:
10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (review)
9. Mr. Nobody (review)
8. Fish Tank (review)
7. Nowhere Boy (review)
6. Animal Kingdom (review)
5. Never Let Me Go (review)
4. The Losers (review)
3. Grown Up Movie Star (review)
2. Frozen (review)
1. I Am Love (review)

Honourable Mentions (2009-ish release):
Misfortunates, The (review)
La Donation / The Legacy (review)
The Wild Hunt (review)
The Last Station (review)

Honourable Mentions (Festival-seen but not yet released):
Strella: A Womans Way (review)
Steam of Life (review)
This Way of Life (review)
Freetime Machos (review)
Heartless (review)

Dale’s List:
8. The Runaways (review)
7. Easy A (review)
6. Inception (review)
5. Tangled
4. How to Train Your Dragon (review)
3. Kick-Ass (review)
2. Red (review)
1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (review)

Colleen’s List:
10. Inception (review)
9. Meek’s Cutoff (review)
8. Hard Core Logo 2
7. Reverse
6. Micmacs (review)
5. Cold Fish (review)
4. How I Ended the Summer
3. The King’s Speech (review)
2. 13 Assassins (review)
1. Good Neighbours (review)

Bill’s List:
10. The Red Riding Trilogy (review)
9. Carlos (review)
8. Let Me In (review)
7. Biutiful
6. Catfish (review)
5. Black Swan (review)
4. Everyone Else
3. Dogtooth (review)
2. Incendies
1. Another Year (review)

Jason’s List: (Also online at eFilmCritic)
10. The Town
9. Centurion (review)
8. Blue Valentine (review)
7. Mr. Nobody (review)
6. I Am Love (review)
5. Inception (review)
4. The Ghost Writer (review)
3. The Social Network (review)
2. Tangled and Toy Story 3 (review)
1. Another Year (review)

Khaled’s List:
10. King’s Road (review)
9. Another Year (review)
8. Carlos (review)
7. Shutter Island (review)
6. Pulsar
5. End of Animal (review)
4. Monsters (review)
3. Black Swan (review)
2. Incendies
1. Mr. Nobody (review)

Marina’s List:
10. End of Animal (review)
9. The Ugly Duckling (review)
8. Snap (review)
7. R (review)
6. Small Town Murder Songs (review)
5. Good Neighbours (review)
4. Book of Eli (review)
3. Of Gods and Men (review)
2. Beyond the Black Rainbow (review)
1. The Wild Hunt (review)

Huge thanks to Agentic for providing some extra cables that helped make this show a possibility. Thanks guys!

Closing Music: Music from Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer

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8 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 95 – 2010 in Review

  1. We originally were going to record podcast, and I was the only one prepared for a top 10. Then we desided to do a top 5. The we decided to do the show another day. So when we finally did the show, I came prepared for a top 5, not 10. I stand by my top 5, but the top 10 may be out of order… hmmm. Must read my emails not just scan!

  2. Thanks Kurt!! 🙂

    Fun, fun times podcasting with the awesome After the Credits Team! So funny, because I usually don’t actually do a top ten but for you all I did!

    And The Wild Hunt would have been like #3 but I saw it in 2009 and rejigged a bit. So hard to get everything that should be in the list on the list! And yay for more Mr. Nobody love – freaking fantastic film.

  3. like your list the most Colleen. Micmacs & How I Ended This Summer

    for a Scandinavian deadpan comedy, Steams of Life is forgettable and just not funny, good visuals, but come on.

    any of you guys see The Good Heart, only me…

  4. Haha….I actually drove from Whidbey Island WA to Vancouver Canada just to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and got the same reaction from the boarder guards.

  5. Think we may be talking 2 different films re: Steam of Life – the one on my list is the Finnish documentary by Joonas Berghäll & Mika Hotakainen about men who talk in saunas. It’s not suppose to be funny, and I don’t remember it for the visuals but for the compelling stories and profound experiences.

  6. @Bowenarrow – I look forward to the opportunity to see the reaction first hand. I want in on the next movie roadtrip!

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