After the Credits Episode 97: January in Review

Two episodes in one month? What’s going on? We haven’t recorded two episodes in a month since… well, since the last festival. In our new, and what we hope will be regular, installment, Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) and I look back at January, the movies we did and mostly didn’t see and a few things that landed on DVD along with chatter on stuff we’ve been watching – including some reminiscing on our recent entounter with Crispin Glover and his traveling roadshow.


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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Micheal Giacchino’s “Hammertime (iTunes)

Marina’s Watches:

The Mechanic
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (review)
Jack Goes Boating (review)
Enter the Void (review)
F for Fake
Lost in Austen (Netflix)
Wuthering Heights (Netflix)
Anne of the Thousan Days (Netflix)
Let Me In (review)
The Escapist

Dale’s Watches:

Summer Wars
Tron Legacy (review)

Colleen’s Watches:

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (review)
Primeval (Netflix)
Midsummer Murders
Hyperdrive (Netflix – S1, S2)
Johnny Dollar old time radio show

Crispin Glover’s It Is Fine! Everything is Fine
Official Website

Closing Music: Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights (iTunes)

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Current Films: Catfish and F for Fake
Upcoming Films: Zardoz and Flash Gordon

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3 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 97: January in Review

  1. Wow, what a wild array of watches, I’m with Marina on both Enter the Void & Joan Rivers awesomeness. I totally didn’t see any of the religious stuff in Tron – I’m going to have to see it again and see if I can pick some of that stuff out (although it often goes over my head so I can imagine missing it here too!).

    Love ending song with Kate Bush – that’s my first and strongest reference for Wuthering Heights, although I must see the Tom Hardy version!

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