After the Credits Episode 101: May in Review

It’s been a great couple of weeks of movie watching. Not so much of surprise considering the number of good releases but what is surprising is that we all managed to get to a few movies and though not together, there’s still quite a bit of cross over.

This time around Dale (Digital Doodles) shares some thoughts on Priest, Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) waxes on about the awesomeness of “Perry Mason” and I speak vaguely about the epiphany I had watching Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life (Kurt’s Review, Marina’s review). We also take a stab at the alien invasion flick Attack the Block which features some spectacularly awesome music. I want this soundtrack!


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Show Notes:

Opening Music: KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police (iTunes)

Forgot to number the titles when we recorded the show so no distiction on who watched what. In random order:

I Love You Phillip Morris (Tom’s review)
We Are the Night (Marina’s review)
Tree of Life (Marina’s review, Kurt’s review)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Andrew’s review)
Attack the Block
– “Perry Mason”

Closing Music: Basement Jaxx’s “The Ends” from “Attack the Block Soundtrack”

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4 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 101: May in Review

  1. On the ‘lack of theme or meaning’ in PRIEST, (or the desire for it to comment on authority, and ostrich-syndrome), it is more like that the film was probably 2 hours long and then chopped into 82 minutes, thus anything beyond the plot-thruline was excised. That’s my theory anyway.

  2. I did see Priest after we recorded this (Shannon and an hour worth of discussion on BTD – that episode will be up next Monday) and I agree Kurt – there’s loads of great stuff in there. I look forward to discussing it a little more with Dale when we meet again for the next show.

    And thanks for the linky on Hour of the Pig – I really have to watch that soon. We can’t record another show without me having seen it or it could get ugly.

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