After the Credits Episode 108: Mandatory Top 5

It’s not really mandatory but it doesn’t feel quite right to start the year until you’ve done a top something list. Mine, along with the rest of the Row Three crew’s lists are already floating around but here we get to hear what Dale (Digital Doodles) and Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) loved in 2011.


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Show Notes:

Opening Music: The Chemical Brothers’ “Hanna’s Theme (iTunes)

Colleen’s Top 5

5. Paul
4. Hanna
3. Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai
2. Hobo with a Shotgun
1. Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Dale’s Top 5

5. Drive Angry
4. Paul
3. Thor
2. Incendies
1. The Help

Marina’s Top 5

5. Limitless
4. Nuit #1
3. Take Shelter
2. We Need to Talk About Kevin
1. Tree of Life

Closing Music: Eels’ “Souljacker, Pt. 1 (iTunes)

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