After the Credits Episode #138: VIFF Dispatch #6 – It’s a wrap!


The festival has been over for a few days but after disconnecting from the world for a weekend of re-charging the batteries, I remembered that I had yet to post our last VIFF podcast. Before settling in to our last few movies of the festival, we found a quiet(ish) enclave in the lobby of The Centre to squeeze in our final VIFF hurrah. I was joined by regular festival cohost (and movie consuming machine) Bill Harris (@soundjam69) and fellow Quiet Earth contributor (and up-and-coming screenwriter) Zack Mosley (@zackjmosley) to chat a little about this year’s festival and count down our favorite movies of the fest.

This is our last podcast of the festival but stay tuned because a handful of reviews are still on the horizon!


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3 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode #138: VIFF Dispatch #6 – It’s a wrap!

  1. Wow, that is an insane number of films.  Very impressive. Was glad to hear Blue is the Warmest Colour and Like Father, Like Son (the audience sure loved that one) ranked so high, they were both very good.  I also really liked Matterhorn. 
    Will someone be posting an in-depth review of Tracks?  I did not like it much at all, but I’d like to read a proper review so I can figure out what I may have missed.
    Anyway, thanks for all of these, it got me to add a lot of stuff to my watchlist. Just hope I can find them all!

  2. KeithTalented I’ll be working on a Tracks review today so stay tuned!
    Oh man… I really didn’t like Matterhorn 🙁

  3. themarina KeithTalented 
    Cool, looking forward to reading the review.
    Don’t worry too much about Matterhorn, I’m sure more people would be on your side over mine.  I just really liked the characters and the simplicity of the whole thing.  I laughed and was kind of touched by it.

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