Girls on Pop – Episode 10: 2016 Counted Down

2016 has come and gone and though by the year’s half-way mark it looked like it might be one of the poorest movie years in some time, the latter part turned out to be an abundance of riches, offering up more than enough great movies to make up for the mostly dreadful first half.

So what did we think of last year’s movie crop? What turned out to be our favorites and not so faves? On this momentous episode of Girls on Pop – not only is this our first episode of 2017 but also our first in the double digits – I’m joined by newly minted Row Three contributor and all-around awesome movie maven Melissa McDowell (@MelsyTweets) to count down our favourite movies of 2016.

Along the way we also talk about the poor state of women in Hollywood, some of the close calls that didn’t quite make the list and one or two underrated gems just waiting for discovery.

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Nicholas Britell’s “Little’s Theme

Marina’s Top 10

10. Personal Shopper
9. OJ: Made in America
8. Arrival
7. A Bigger Splash / Hello, My Name is Doris
6. Kate Plays Christine
5. American Honey
4. Manchester by the Sea
3. Moonlight
2. Jackie
1. Lion

Melissa’s Top 10

10. 13th
9. American Honey
8. Sing Street
7. The Fits
6. Aquarius
5. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
4. Embrace the Serpent
3. I, Daniel Blake
2. Cameraperson
1. Moonlight

Other musings:

1. Melissa’s article on best female-directed movies of 2016

2. Shia LaBeouf interview on Happy Sad Confused

Closing Music: Dustin O’Halloran & Hauschka’s “Lion Theme

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