Girls on Pop – Episode 29: Marvel Everything

Summer is ever closer and the superheroes continue to impress.

This week, Marina (@themarina) and Ashley (@ashleylynch) touch base on the latest and greatest from Marvel as well as a couple of recent streaming and VOD releases.

The list:

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Opening and closing credits music is “Happy Alley” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under CC BY License.

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00:00:01 – Opening credits & introduction
00:02:22 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
00:10:58White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercombie & Fitch
00:12:42 Wyrmwood Apocalypse
00:16:45 – The Contractor
00:19:52 – The Sadness
00:23:34 – The Outfit
00:26:27 The Lost Leonardo
00:31:15 – The King’s Daughter
00:34:22Choose or Die
00:35:47Moon Knight
00:38:46Tokyo Vice
00:59:12Star Trek: Picard
01:03:02 – Closing thoughts & closing credits

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