Girls on Pop – Episode 32: Miles Teller Week

Joseph Kosinski and Miles Teller are both having a great month with new releases making their way onto the small screen not to mention Top Gun: Maverick‘s continued box office domination. This week, Marina (@themarina) and Ashley (@ashleylynch) check in on a couple of new projects featuring the ‘men of the hour’ – along with a few other titles.

The list:

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Opening and closing credits music is “Happy Alley” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under CC BY License.

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00:00:00 – Opening credits & introduction
00:01:32Top Gun: Maverick Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office
00:02:27 Cineplex adds $1.50 booking fee to movie tickets bought online or via app
00:03:46 – Spiderhead
00:09:18 – The Black Phone
00:12:42 – Halftime
00:18:28 Watcher
00:21:16 – Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
00:30:40Mad God
00:37:39The Staircase
00:43:20The Offer / The Kid Stays in the Picture
00:52:06 For All Mankind
00:55:01The Old Man
01:00:56 – Closing thoughts & credits

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