After the Credits Episode 316: Insane

Dev Patel goes broke twice and emerges victorious!

Join us this week as we delve into Monkey Man, Dev Patel’s surprising action thriller which marks the actor-turned-director as an adept filmmaker. Join Steve Stebbing (Letterboxd, X, Website), Bill Harris (Letterboxd, X), and Marina Antunes (Letterboxd, Instagram) as they delve into the crazy action. Melissa McDowell (LetterboxdX) was unable to join us this week.

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Opening and closing credits music is “Arcadia” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under CC BY License.

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00:00:00 – Opening credits & introduction
00:04:51 Love Lies Bleeding
00:25:56 – What we’ve been watching
01:26:55 – Coming soon
01:35:38 – Closing thoughts & credits

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