After the Credits Episode 35 – Foreign Affairs

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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina discuss a few recently seen films.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper
:04 – Intro Music – “Chahunga Main Tujhe” from Dosti
:53 – Introduction
9:38North by Northwest
16:04Chop Shop
21:33Sukiyaki Western Django
29:50Boy A
30:40Frozen River
32:42 – Closing thoughts
33:29 – Outro Music – Within Temptation’s “Somewhere”


Colleen’s Review


North by Northwest

Colleen’s Review


Chop Shop

Marina’s Thoughts


Sukiyaki Western Django

Colleen’s Review


Boy A



Frozen River



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– Current Films: Fucking Åmål and Heavenly Creatures
– Upcoming Films: The Insider and Soylent Green

5 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 35 – Foreign Affairs

  1. Great podcast! It's nice to hear that you guys feel the pain of the ticketing process here at TIFF – it really is quite a 'process'.

    I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed Sukiyaki Western Django – it's going to be in limited release here next week… woohoo!

    I'm glad you enjoyed Boy A Marina! It's true you don't need to know much about it – what a great film!

  2. Boy A was fantastic. I was in a bit of shock at the end of it. Would love to see it again on the big screen but that's not going to happen. For me, this is the equivalent of the discovery of "Brick" or "The Lookout". Brilliant.

  3. He sure is. He's sometimes quiet because he doesn't get out to as many movies as we do. He talks when he has something to say…right Dale?

  4. When I saw it at TIFF last year there was a UK film critic who basically said that Andrew Garfield is one to watch and is getting a lot of attention there. The film was amazing but his performance is astounding.

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