After the Credits Episode 34 – September Preview

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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina look ahead to the films opening in September.

Row Three:

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for trailer.

:01 – Bumper

:04 – Spirit’s “I Got A Line On You”
:35 – Introduction
Movie Club Podcast – Upcoming films: The Insider and Soylent Green

Opening September 5th

2:37Bangkok Dangerous
3:43Everybody Wants to Be Italian
4:36Mister Foe
5:30Ping Pong Playa

Opening September 12th

6:30The Women
8:48Burn After Reading
11:13The Family that Prays
16:39Righteous Kill

Opening September 19th

17:01Lakeview Terrace
18:44The Duchess
24:19Ghost Town

26:46Battle in Seattle
28:18Elite Squad

Opening September 26th

29:18Miracle at St. Anna
32:35Eagle Eye
34:00Nights in Rodanthe
35:46The Lucky Ones

38:15 – Closing thoughts
39:33 – The Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” (The Neptunes Remix)

2 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 34 – September Preview

  1. I too lover Bergen but the rest of this doesn't look very good. We'll see how it goes, maybe the girls will want a night out. *sigh*

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