After the Credits Episode 60 – Seriously Bent


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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina share the bad movies they love.

Row Three:

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Show Notes:

:01 – Opening Music: young knives‘ “The Trouble with Me”
:45 – Introduction
7:25 – Top 5’s
40:40UHF discussion
43:10 – Closing remarks
45:20 – Closing Music: A Band Called Quinn‘s “Autumn”

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Top 5’s

Dale’s List:

5) The Jane Austen Book Club
4) My Super Ex-Girlfriend
3) Lilo & Stitch
2) Big Trouble in Little China
1) This Island Earth

Colleen’s List:

5) Hudson Hawk
Exact change (the gurney scene)
– The greatness of Kit Kat
4) Phil the Alien
– Seriously awesome trailer (featuring Rush and the gorgeous Tricia Helfer)
3) UHF / Strange Brew
2) Death Race 2000
Carradine vs. Stallone
1) Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Theme song

Marina’s List

5) A Cinderella Story
4) Reign of Fire
3) Alexander / Kingdom of Heaven
2) Underworld Evolution
1) Twilight (our review)
– The Vampire’s Kiss Montage (some bits in here that were a bit “much” for the movie PG-13)

Movie Club Podcast

Current Films: 10 Things I Hate About You and My Own Private Idaho
Upcoming Films: Alien Quadrilogy

11 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 60 – Seriously Bent

  1. I think both Hudson Hawk & Big Trouble in Little China have pretty big cult followings, although that doesn't mean they aren't bad. Well, I will always love Big Trouble in Little China! And I always thought Reign of Fire was pretty decent although Matthew Mc..(um, I can't spell his name) performance was so over the top it was hard not to giggle.

    But… Alexander Marina? Alexander? Oh my. And I bet I know why you like Underworld Evolution. What's that once-a-year-list Row Three does? 🙂

    Since it's not fair to not share, here's my top 5 Bad Movies I Love:

    High School Musical (although it isn't that "bad")


    Scorpion King

    Cloak & Dagger

    Mazes & Monsters

  2. LOL You're chiding me for Alexander? Lady…you have Scorpion King on your list! 😉

    And there's always LOTS of giggling through Reign of Fire. Seriously bad, bad movie but I love every bad second.

  3. Haha, fair play. I know Scorpion King isn't 'good' but.. The Rock man, The Rock! And I was impressed (and surprized) that is was free of gender crap.

    And to be fair, I haven't seen Alexander. But I will. Picked it up for $6 at HMV on my lunch. My curiousity was stirred…

  4. I'm kidding – it *was* a discussion of bad/badly received/not so great movies that we like.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Alexander.

  5. I'll be sure to share 'em! I actually find the idea of liking not good movies fascinating, and enjoyed the discussion on how you all came up with your lists. It's interesting how it sometimes fits, but not always fits, the same parameters of guilty pleasures.

  6. While it's nice share, time has taught me that some movies should be kept close to the chest. Not for any embarrassment factor but when you share these movies thy can lose a little of their magic, I know these movies are bad but dont need to sit for two hours on edge for someone else to tell me it is so.

    I present my ugly stepchildren:

    The Saint

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

    The Last Dragon


    Game of Death

  7. Very true I know. I must say in a defence of sorts, when seen on the right medication there is something beautiful about almost everything.

  8. Alright, finally caught up with this episode.

    – -Big Trouble in Little China is NOT a guilty pleasure is it? Is it really a "bad" movie? I think it's by far Kurt Russell's finest work and the dialogue is approaches genius. It's definitely b-movie fare, but I don't think it's bad.

    – -Funny, I recently put Jane Austin Book Club in my Netflix queue. I can't remember why, but I'm interested in checking it out; especially now.

    – –Alexander however = a steaming shit pile. A really big steaming shit pile. Like dino-dung huge. I cannot imagine what someone would find redeeming about that movie.

    The issue of guilty pleasures is tricky (as you guys mentioned in the beginning of the show). I can only think of two movie that I honestly think are truly bad films but I still enjoy – both Shyamalan (Lady in the Water and The Happening. Most of the movie I like I can give honest to goodness reasons as to why I like it. THe movie that always springs to mind when someone asks me of a guilty pleasure is The Core. I seriously love that movie. And the funny thing is, I hate disaster movies. For lots of reasons though, this one flies with me. Mostly I think due to the awesome cast.

    ok, done now.

  9. Oh, and I still love UHF. Stanley Spodowski entertaining himself while tied to a chair and locked is a closet is priceless. Perfectly content sitting in the dark singing the Bonanza theme at the top of his lungs. HA!

  10. Maybe I was already too old when I saw UHF but I didn't love it. To be honest, I didn't even particularly like it all that much. Some funny bits but not enough for repeat viewing. Plus I can only take Weird Al in small doses and this isn't short enough

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