After the Credits Episode 61 – May Preview


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Colleen (353 Haiku Review) and Marina (Dale is notably absent – I wonder if this says something about the quality of the films opening?) look ahead to the films opening in May.

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

:01 – Bumper

:04 – Opening Music: The Thee Lordly Serpents‘ “Gonna Get You”
:22 – Introduction

Opening May 2nd

2:15Battle for Terra
4:04Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
5:28X-Men Origins: Wolverine
8:28The Limits of Control

Opening May 8th

9:54Star Trek
13:40Little Ashes
15:13Next Day Air
17:02Rudo y Cursi

Opening May 15th

18:43Angels & Demons
20:15The Brothers Bloom
22:51Big Man Japan

Opening May 22nd

24:12Terminator Salvation
27:34Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
28:58Dance Flick
30:40Easy Virtue
32:01The Girlfriend Experience

Opening May 29th

34:38Drag Me to Hell

37:34 – Closing thoughts
47:25 – Closing Music: Jeff Caylor‘s “15 Minutes Away”

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59 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 61 – May Preview

  1. Yeah…sure you won't Shannon. I'm not ashamed to admit it: looks SO BAD it's going to be AWESOME (or so I hope!)

  2. A podcast for Twilight, what can you possibly talk about?

    This coming from a guy who listens to TWO Lost podcasts but that is a series, Twilight is a couple books and a movie, right?

    May looks awesome, Up and Star Trek are the two I am looking forward to seeing most.

  3. Trust me Mike – there's LOTS to talk about. Though the scope might be more limited because there isn't as much material, there's a lot that can be discussed and we're finding more and more topics to delve into with every show. There's fandom for everything (the Firefly podcast is still active and *very* popular – what do they still talk about??).

    And what's with all the Lebowski stuff? I guess it provides the perfect answer to everything! I guess I should really watch that movie…

  4. are you going to be gossiping about whether the two leads of Twilight are dating? I may have to listen just because I am curious what you can talk about. My wife is now reading the series. its a pandemic!

  5. It IS a pandemic.

    Actually no – we're not doing much (read ANY) of the gossip type stuff. It's one of the reasons we decided to do a podcast since most of the others are only interested in the actors and who they're dating, what their hair looks like etc. We're more interested in the books and movies and exploring them more in depth though that's not to say we're not having fun with lighter subjects. Our first show was a discussion on what the appeal of Bella & Edward's relationship is, our second show was a discussion of our favourite character introductions and the third (which we're recording in a week's time) is a discussion of the music of the twilight universe.

    No gossipy teens here!

  6. Oh Marina you are fast at replying!

    It's isn't a gossip show at all, we really all looking at the Twilight world, the phenomena, the themes, why people like it (or not). It's much more of an intellectual, but still enthusiastic approach. I did get a *little* giggly on the last on though 🙂

    Every new episode we come up with more possible topics. Make sure to swing by and have a listen!

  7. Someone at lunch today told me that Twilight is all about abstinence and the author is a Mormon with an agenda. I am just the messenger here, I have no idea if this is common knowledge or heresy, but maybe one of you could clear this up for me.

  8. @Mike – it's a common comment and thought it is fact that she's Mormon, I don't agree with the "agenda" bit. That's another topic for conversation.

    @Jonathan – it's true! When it came out it was toted as a "guy's guy" movie and I never bothered to see it. Now it's just one of those movies I haven't gotten around to.

  9. Ditto Marina re: yes to Mormon but no to agenda. There is a lot to explore there though, re-reading the first book I picked up some interesting ideas and ideals. See – there *is* always more to explore!

  10. And I've seen the comments re: abstinence for the TWILIGHT series, certainly something worth digging deep into – uh – on the podcast that is.

  11. And that Rick Moranis gif is ironic too Andrew, from a guy who hasn't see Spaceballs.

    A tidbit

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  12. Rick Moranis is an underappreciated genius by the way, that never really got to fully shine in the roles he was given in the movies. Old SCTV episodes really show his range though, he's not just that oddball geeky fellow that he kept playing over and over again.

  13. Saw Wolverine.

    Keep in mind what I said before about XMen – that if I liked it, it means nothing – and that if I didnt, it must be really really shitty, because XMen for me is like pizza, its gotta be pretty bad for me not to swallow.

    I swallowed. I liked Wolverine. Sure, the plot is scattershot (but unpredictable in a way I liked), there are numerous over-the-top bullshit explosions and fireballs, there is some CG that looked unfinished, and as a whole its just a supplemental to the Xmen movies than an actual movie to me. But it was funny, Jackman continues to be awesome in the role, and it does again what I like about the XMen movies to date – they sort of expect you to know about these characters and the many tangential characters, but they also expect you to be fine with how much they fuck around with their backstories, powers and appearances. This is no different, and thus what they do with Deadpool and so many others is going to piss fanboys off left and right.

    But I dont give a fuck. I cant even say as a whole it was a dumb blockbuster. I mean it kind of is, but it didnt look or feel like one no matter how many things blew up, there was some other vibe happening.

    So its a popcorn movie I enjoyed but dont care to rave about or nitpick. A lot of fun that I feel no responsibility towards, and for this particular Friday night that was just fine by me.


  14. "Certainly not much of an endorsement there, Goon."

    Nor does it intend to be – if you've still skipped Spiderman 2, which I'm pretty sure you did, and have to nitpick Iron Man whenever possible for that Robocop nonsense, the next thing I put in your lap certainly wouldnt be this.

    I just put that out there to see if Marina or John ends up getting similar impressions. It interests me you spent valuable minutes reading my report on it when you wouldnt otherwise go near it 😛

    Schreiber was awesome. Listen, this is another movie where the villain(s) has/have similar powers to the main hero, and Schreiber makes it a hell of a lot more palatable than say, that Hulk remake did. I have no idea how the Hulk remake had a better critical reception than Wolverine is getting, Wolverine is at the very least a lot more fun and funny. I think its because even among movie critics there are fanboys. Some of the choices to fuck with characters in Wolverine are pretty extreme, and you saw how fanboys rioted when Spiderman merely danced.

  15. There was a guy behind me who had clearly seen the work print.

    Since it was a small cheapo 5 dollar theater (that shows new movies! score!) it didnt bother me as much as usual, but he was being a moron about it

    "This next part coming up is sick!"

    "Oh dude dude, watch! watch! its coming!"

    During the cheesy helicopter money shot from the trailer, he yells out "Here comes the money shot!" – nobody responds of course, and then with perfect timing afterwards… has to blurt again "That was the money shot!"


    So I loudly said to my friend "Hey! Did you pay for commentary?" and he yells "No! Can we turn it off?"

    he shut up after that.

  16. @ I think its because even among movie critics there are fanboys

    What does that have to do with anything? Are fanboys conditioned to love all Hulk movies and hate all Wolverine movies?

    I kinda liked the film too but it's unnecessary to speculate into some behind the scenes feud to explain it's hostile reception by critics. It's pretty half assed. I read some local review that tore it apart and I honestly couldn't fault any of his criticisms. All his reasons for hating were valid.

  17. Wolverine was OK. Not spectacular but it wanted to be and the performances from Schreiber & Jackson are good but the film's biggest problem is the story which wasn't all that interesting. And what a squandering of Deadpool & Gambit.

    I didn't hate it but it lacked any wow factor.

  18. I thought Wolverine was a lot of fun and Leiv Schreiber was awesome (and Hugh Jackman was as well, but that almost goes without saying.

    I will say that afterwards I went and watched the trailer and was so thrilled I hadnt' seen it before – it show so much of the film!

    It isn't flawless, and it would have been nice to have the secondary characters have more screen time (to augment the story as well as just because they are cool) but as an overall action film? Tons of fun.

  19. "it would have been nice to have the secondary characters have more screen time"

    How true. All the Reynolds love aside, how much fun was the elevator scene at the beginning? Reynolds is always great as this mouthy ass and it works well here but then he disappears for the rest of the film.

    I went home afterwards and watched Blade 3. It's the worse of the films but Reynolds is so awesome.

  20. I love Blade 3, Ryan Reynolds is awesome in it, as is all the cast – I still don't get the hate for it.

    But with Wolverine it was a shame to see this excellent supporting case with so little screen time – the characters were interesting and unique and there was a fantastic opportunity for great chemistry there but it was missed. Or perhaps edited out.

  21. Blade 2 is where it's at. Might just be my favourite comic book movie ever. Certainly not the deepest, or even best plotted. But the intangibles, production design, and "ALIENS" aspect of the film make it for me. The action is absolutely kick ass and features more dynamic camera work than Sam Raimi. Furthermore, the villain in this is positively fuckin' awesome, and went on to be the sword-master villain in hellboy 2. I guess he only does del toro first-sequels!

  22. Totally agree that 2 is the best of the bunch but Reynolds steals the show in 3. He singlehandedly takes it from unwatchable crap to schlocky goodness.

  23. Yay Andrew! 🙂

    I'm totally going to watch the whole trilogy again, but I find 2 so hard to get through. Even after asking people I still don't get the appeal of 2. Maybe it resonates with del Toro fans.

    1. I agree. 2 just feels just trying too hard to have a sequel. Leonor Varela is an uber-hottie and I can appreciate that and I agree with Kurt that the villains are way kick ass in II; but otherwise the rest of it just seemed like it was there because it felt like it needed to be. The martial arts sequences with the CGI didn't work for me at all. Then again, I pretty much didn't like anything about Hellboy II either.

      Actually, as I think about it, "Pan's Lab" is the only Del Toro movie that I really like (a lot). Haven't seen Cronos yet though.

  24. Andrew: Um. The Devil's Backbone?

    Shannon, (On Blade 2) it is probably the del Toro love in there that is affecting, and admittedly I've not seen Blade 3 (so that really does invalidate my opinion that #2 is actually the best of the three, does it not?) But #2 is constantly moving forward, energetic as hell, and drop dead gorgeous to look at, with a nifty (if thin) set of characters. It ain't deep, but it is very good as a popcorn comic book flick with all the requisite 'coolness' factor. Blade 1 is so inanely saggy in the middle and so silly at the end, that the militant and intense creepiness/gore/violence in Blade 2 hit my sweet spot.

  25. AH! "the militant and intense creepiness/gore/violence in Blade 2 hit my sweet spot." Ok – I get it now. Thank you Kurt!

    And yes, not seeing 3 means you can't say which is the best of the trilogy 😉 Well you can say it, I just won't listen 🙂

  26. Blade 1 is hardcore. It's like The Terminator. It has balls. Blade 2 has no balls, and gets boring in the middle. The villain jumps around like a monkey, and Wesley Snipes has to do comedy. It takes Blade from a serious one-off interesting attempt at comic book from a film perspective, and turns it into comic book-made-film like the rest.

    None are awesome films, but Blade 1 is definitely the one that deserves respect.

  27. The 3rd one is much more boring than the other ones though. It's horrible. Though Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds do kick ass in it, and Biel is insanely hot.

  28. Picking the best del torro film is like…. chosing which brand of plain oatmeal is best.

  29. I haven't seen The Devil's Backbone and I thought Cronos had an interesting premise though I didn't love that film either.

  30. Oh, Henrik – Blade 1 does have guts and 2 is boring.. with ya there. Thank you for not liking Blade 3 as I thought I was going to have to say I completely agree with you! 😉

  31. @Rusty. Strong statements in your comment above. Why do you find the films of Del Toro bland? I can see with some of the bigger budgeted stuff like Hellboy the plots are a bit 'meh' But the great storytelling of Cronos, Devils Backbone and Pan's? Really? I think there is a lot to chew on in these pictures, and they are gorgeous to look at (unlike to use your analogy, a bowl of quick oats), and there are always memorable and interesting moments in the films. Sure they take their time compared to most genre directors, but that is why I love 'em.

  32. @ But the great storytelling of Cronos

    That film keeps eluding me and it's at the point where I've stopped caring because I've seen all his other films and don't like any of them.

    I don't think his films are bad, I think they have an abscense of good. I don't think they're particularly slow, I think they move from uninteresting place to uninteresting place at a perfectly acceptable speed.

    Devil's Backbone is a generic cliche ridden snore. The characters are bland, the ghost story is generic and it's told in an unimaginative way.

    Replace Devil's Backbone with Pan's Labrynth. Same thing. His films are well shot, they're not visually interesting to me though.

    What scenes in either of those films is particularly compelling and why?

  33. Subtly disturbing images like Federico Luppi licking the floor in Cronos. Again, Luppi, this time in Backbone, selling his alcohol in the urban market place and his body-language reaction to men being shot in a firing squad. All done with reaction shot. The bomb in the courtyard a nice metaphor, and a great intro to a film (the overhead shot). Eduardo Noriega and Marisa Paredes strange and cold sex scene. In Pan's just about any time Sergei Lopez is on screen. In Hellboy, the roof-top reconnaissance by Big Red when Liz goes out with the FBI agent. Hell, there are some great creepy and atmospheric moments in Mimic even, particularly the cockroaches as trenchcoated men done with shadows.

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