After the Credits Episode 77 – VIFF 09 Wrap-Up


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Marina and Colleen put the final kabosh on VIFF 2009 with highlights, lowlights and a top 5 list.

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Show Notes:

:01 – Bumper
:05 – Opening Music: Cecilia Bartoli’s “Lascia ch’io pianga”
:35 – Introduction
VIFF Trailers
11:37 – Top 5’s of the festival

Marina’s Top 5
5) At Home, By Myself…Youth You (our review)
Interview with Kristin Booth and Kris Booth
4) The White Ribbon (our review)
3) A Prophet (our review)
2) The Girl (our review)
1) Redland (our review)

Colleen’s Top 5
5) North (our review)
4) Cow (our review)
3) Zombies of Mass Destruction
2) The White Ribbon (our review)
1) Castaway on the Moon (our review)

36:30Paranormal Activity
39:05Ninja Assassin (our review)

43:18 – Closing thoughts
45:29 – Closing Music: Dengue Fever’s “Seeing Hands”

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2 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 77 – VIFF 09 Wrap-Up

  1. Now Marina, did you notice any kind of Falconetti-esque play off the extreme close-ups of the one actress who is verbally abused in White Ribbon? I am almost positive it is deliberate, the choice of actress, the framing of that scene, and I think throughout there is a Dreyer tinge to everything.

    Glad to hear you liked it.

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