After the Credits Episode 87 – August Preview



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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) and I talk about the movie opening in August.

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

Opening Music: Metric’s “Monster Hospital (iTunes)

Opening August 6th

The Other Guys
Step Up 3D
Middle Men
The Disappearance of Alice Creed
The Oxford Murders

Opening August 13th

Eat Pray Love
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The Expendables
Animal Kingdom
Tales from Earthsea

Opening August 20th

Nanny McPhee Returns
Piranha 3D
Vampires Suck
Lottery Ticket
The Switch
Mao’s Last Dancer

Opening August 27th

Going the Distance
The Last Exorcism

Closing Music: Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over (iTunes)

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6 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 87 – August Preview

  1. I'm with you Marina, I don't get the fanboy love for Scott Pilgrim. I'll see the movie for sure, but the trailer doesn't look all that special to me. But I'm weird that way. Though I didn't read the novels either – maybe that has something to do with the excitement. That and I think there was also a lot of positive buzz out of comic-con; which means zilch to me.

  2. Oh, and on Alice Creed – it is definitely a mistruth to say the only thing worth seeing it for is Gemma Arterton. Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston are awesome in it and the story is quite the wild ride. One of my more memorable films at last year's TIFF. I think everyone should go check it ou if they can hunt it down.

    And Marsan and Compston are two class act guys all the way. Super gracious to fans and really nice to talk to. I look forward to seeing this movie again actually.

  3. Agree with Andrew on all counts there! And love love love Alice Creed.

    But, have to say – that description of Step Up 3D is just… not accurate. Weird. But the film is awesome in so many ways and a must see for dance film fans!

    Mao's Last Dancer is actually extremely good, one of the best films I saw at TIFF last year. I hope you guys enjoy it if you see it! Kleenex required on that one, though.

    Coleen, I think you might have been thinking of Farewell, My Concubine.. it follows 2 friends who were brought into the world of theatre together at an early age. Also requires kleenex.

    Airplane ftw! I actually haven't seen any of the Airport films (although they are on the to see list!). I wonder if I'll be able to take them seriously at all seeing them after the parody.

    Wow, I feel like I'm totally in the minority of having tons of films from 2010 that I've absolutely adored. Albeit a lot are limited releases (The Eclipse, Grown Up Movie Star, Fish Tank, La Donation, The Misfortunates) but also a fair amount of wide releases too (How to Train Your Dragon, Frozen, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & The Losers). So weird!

  4. "The Misfortunates" FTW! B-) That's a great one, but I consider it a 2009 film.

    And "Airplane" will always be one of my favourite films. I know it too well to really enjoy it like I used to, but it's in many ways a perfect film. The "chock full of movie references" comedies of today (Scary Movie, etc.) don't have a clue how to even come close to the fun and silliness of Airplane.

    And though I don't love Alice Creed as much as many around here, I did like it and Andrew is right about Marsan and Compston – they are both terrific.

    1. Yeah, what Bob said about "Airplane." I still consider it my favorite comedy of all time. I've seen it a billion times and still manage to laugh at a lot of it; the sequel too.

      1. I heard my name drop at the end there about Will Farrell. I am not the guy you're thinking of. However, I do like Farrell in most stuff. He's kind of hit or miss and usually just depends on the screenplay given to him. Liked "Winter Passing," but not "Stranger than Fiction" so much. His comedies crack me up usually (Zoolander, Ron Burgandy, Elf), but there are certainly some clunkers in there (Taladega Nights).

        The short stuff he releases on the nets are pretty funny. I like The Landlord thing and drunk history stuff.

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