After the Credits Episode 88 – VIFF Preview 2010

Dale (Digital Doodles), Khaled (@khaled_ca), Jason (@jmv), Vanessa (Pop Goes the World, @popgoestheworld) and I look ahead to the Vancouver International Film Festival.


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5 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 88 – VIFF Preview 2010

  1. You are going to Brave MYSTERIES OF LISBON in a festival envorinment? I ususaly don't see anything longer than 3 hours (or really, 2.5 hours!) at festivals, it is too taxing and wreaks havoc with the scheduling.

  2. It's likely the only opportunity I'll have to see it so yes, squeezing it in at the cost of another film. Thankfully, it starts at a decent time and is the second film of a two film day. Should be good.

  3. I've done some festival Marathons – The two Johnnie To ELECTION movies, the three Nicholas Winding Refn PUSHER TRILOGY, but for some reason the thought of a single 4+ hour movie kind of scares me in a festival environment…

  4. problem is…. if we want to see Miike's 13 assasins we have to leave the downtown area to visit the small Park theatre. Its a pain, and that also screws up some of the scheduling of films due to transport timing. The day that 13 assasins is screening has Mysteries of Lisbon following it… two birds one big stone. Looks like alot of the regulars have the same idea as Bill, Marina, Cat, and myself independently decided on the same thing.

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