After the Credits Episode 184: February Preview

He becons many sequels. The role Ryan Reynolds was born to play

Sooooo we sort of missed December due to the festival craziness and then January… well, that was all my fault. That’s what a week of holidays will do to you. It made my brain so mushy I forgot that we were supposed to record and then regular January stuff happened and time just vanished!

It was probably for the best. January at the movies looked absolutely terrible. Good news is, Coleen, Dale (Letterboxd) and I (Letterboxd) are back just in time for some of the good stuff to start our year of podcasting off right!

Other stuff mentioned this episode:

– Entrance to the Salmar Theatre in Salmon Arm BC:

Cool right?

– Colleen and her swanky new mic:

What you don’t see in this photo: Marina’s microphone envy

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

Opening Music: Jamie N Commons’ “Rumble and Sway

Opening February 5th

Hail, Caesar!
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
The Choice

Opening February 12th

Zoolander 2
How to Be Single

Opening February 19th

Shut In
Embrace of the Serpent

Opening February 26th

The Witch
The Other Side of the Door

Closing Music: Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop

Pacific Cinematheque

Vancity Theatre



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