Girls on Pop – Episode 5: Cuteness Overload Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah

The second best reaction of the year
The second best reaction of the year

Can you believe it? Another episode already? There was just so much to talk about and we managed to find the time to record so why hold on to the gloriousness when you can enjoy it in a more timely manner? I mean, you want to fangirl with us right? And there is fangirling this week!

This week Sarah (@iBrockely) and I (@themarina) talk Hollywood news including announcement of the upcoming Flash movie director, the DCU “Rebrith” and our feelings on Netflix tracking our viewing habbits before we get into some movie talk.

SPOILER WARNING! We get spoilery with the Me Before You discussion for both the book and the movie and though we say that it’s the last thing we’re going to talk about but we lied! We couldn’t help ourselves and added a few things at the end so… the spoiler filled conversation starts at 00:52:00 and ends at 01:04:32.

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ “TMNT Cartoon Theme Song

1. Flash movie director announced

2. Batman v. Superman extended release trailer

3. Elizabeth Banks drops out of directing Pitch Perfect 3

4. Entertainment Weekly update on Rogue One reshoots
Great read on current culture of fan entitlement and clickbait

5. DC Universe reset “Rebirth”

6. SAG-AFTRA Foundation conversation with Krysten Ritter on “Jessica Jones”

7. Netflix binge data released

8. “Outcast” premiere discussion

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows discussion
– Sarah’s passion for this franchise runs deep. Her tattoo:


10. Me Before You discussion

11. “Stranger Things” trailer discussion
– Millie Bobby Brown was on “Intruders” NOT “The Whispers”

12. “Marco Polo” trailer discussion

13. “Highlander” 4K restoration trailer discussion
– Marina’s a fan…


Closing Music: X Ambassadors’s “Unsteady

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