Girls on Pop – Episode 6: MIA: Summer Movie Season Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah

Logan & Veronica 4 Ever!
Logan & Veronica 4 Ever!

For the last few decades, summer movie season promised at least a dozen movies of varying degrees of awesome and featuring ridiculous plots, loads of action and maybe even a couple of end-of-the-world scenarios but this summer is proving to be a huge disappointment. Where have the summer movies gone?

This week Sarah (@iBrockely) and I (@themarina) talk Finding Dory, delve into the discussion of the missing summer movies and get a little deep with the current culture of what Marina dubs “Peter Pan Syndrome.”

SPOILER WARNING! We get spoilery with the Now You See Me 2 discussion but nobody cared about that movie and frankly, neither should you. Still, if you plan on seeing it down the road and don’t want to be spoiled on the details, you might want to skip ahead a few minutes once that discussion starts. It’s pretty short.

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Kate Smith’s “He Loves Me

1. “Alias Grace” adaptation announced, Sarah Gadon to star

2. Voyage of Time trailer

3. Veronica Mars discussion (trailer)

4. Finding Dory discussion (trailer)

5. Sulu in Star Trek Beyond revealed to be openly gay

6. Now You See Me 2 discussion (trailer)

7. Peter Pan syndrome

8. Broadway HD, Broadway shows live stream

Closing Music: The Dandy Warhols’ “We Used to Be Friends

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