Girls on Pop – Episode 8: Oh the Music!

The hero we need right now?
The hero we need right now?

We recorded this show during the final days of the Olympics last week and our recording was shortly preempted by a break to watch the relay race which leads us to kick things off this week with a bit of discussion of one of the biggest events in the world before Sarah (@iBrockely) and I (@themarina) dig into some talk about entertainment news and happenings including a couple of new trailers and some deep discussion on the future of the DC Extended Universe.

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: “World of Warcraft – Enchanted Forest”

1. “Luke Cage” trailer

2. Hidden Figures trailer

3. “MacGyver” trailer

4. “Stranger Things” discussion

5. Suicide Squad discussion
– Future of DCU depends on Wonder Woman article

6. Hulu greenlights “Runaways” adaptation

Closing Music: Mac Quayle’s “1.0_8-whatsyourask.mp4

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