Girls on Pop – Episode 36: Favourite Movies of 2022




The final months of 2022 were a whirlwind of activity that placed the podcast on an unscheduled hiatus.

Marina (@themarina) and Ashley (@ashleylynch) are welcoming 2023 with a celebration, a look back at our favourite movies of 2022.  

Ashley’s Favourites:

10. Barbarian
9. Prey
8. Turning Red
7. The Menu
6. Nope
5 – 1. Listen to find out

Marina’s Favourites:

10. Avatar: The Way of Water
9. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
8. Not Okay
7. Good Night Oppy
6. Fresh
5 – 1. Listen to find out

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00:00:00 – Opening credits & introduction
00:00:13 – Year-in-review discussion
00:29:33 – Top 10
02:38:38 – Closing thoughts & credits


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