After the Credits Episode 300: The Return

The pandemic was a thing and we’ve finally found our way out of it.

Marina (Letterboxd), and fellow Row Three compatriots Andrew James (Letterboxd), and Kurt Halfyard (Letterboxd), reconnect to look back at 2022 with a discussion on everything from how we watch and talk about movies to some of the highlights from the year.

Need lists? You can find there here:

Kurt’s favourite films:

  1. RRR
  2. Tar
  3. Pacifiction
  4. The Fablemans
  5. Unrest
  6. The Innocents
  7. Dual
  8. Sundown
  9. Memoria
  10. Earwig

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Opening and closing credits music is “Arcadia” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under CC BY License.

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00:00:00 – Opening credits & introduction
00:01:34 – How we watch and talk about movies
00:29:35 – The movies
02:23:11 – Movie highlights of 2022
02:46:13 – Closing thoughts & credits

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