Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah

The hottest new show on TV
The hottest new show on TV

Just when you started to think you’d gotten over the hump of people talking about The Wonder Woman movie, we come in and pull you back into the fold!

On the latest episode of Girls on Pop, Sarah (@iBrockely) and I (@themarina) hash out some thoughts on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, delve into some TV talk and Sarah rants for a moment on the events that have led her to give up on TV’s “Sleepy Hollow” among a few other things including much gushing on my part for Starz’s new offering “The Girlfriend Experience.”

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Brian Tyler & Robert Lydecker’s “Sleepy Hollow Theme

1. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice discussion
“Nobody Cares that you hate “Batman v. Superman” article

2. “Daredevil” S2 discussion
Interview with “Daredevil” showrunners

3. ECCC discussion

4. “The Girlfriend Experience” discussion

5. “The Catch” discussion
Shonda Rhimes TED talk

6. “Sleepy Hollow” discussion

7. “Orphan Black” discussion

Closing Music: FKA twig’s “Two Weeks

One thought on “Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah Girls on Pop – Episode 3: The Last Hoorah

  1. Hey girls, i meant to comment on the last episode but never got around to it. Mostly just to say that i think the show is great. I’ve been listening to Marina for years now on after the credits, so more of her will do just fine. I gotta say though, Sarah, your laugh is ridiculously infectious, i don’t think I’ve heard one like it before and every time i hear it i start laughing. I man that to be a compliment in case it sounds shitty.
    I wanted to comment with my opinion on BvS and why you think people like batman more than superman. I personally can’t stand superman. He’s boring imo and to powerful. I love batman on the flipside though because he has no powers and he’s just badass. Obviously that’s just my opinion and I’m sure you’ve heard that before.
    I didn’t hate BvS, but i was going it wouldn’t be a pile of shit and then it ended up bring pretty much that. The best thing in the film though wad definitely when Wonder Woman sports in the fight near the end. It was the only time during the film where i felt any excrement. Anyway keep up the great work, I’m not a big tv watcher but some of the shows you’ve been describing have intrigued me. I might check some of them out

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