After the Credits Episode 206: April Preview

Anne Hathawy losing her shit is definitely one of the highlights of the month

We’re getting the band back together! Or more accurately, we got the band back together!

After a couple of episodes with one member short, this month we managed to find a time that worked for everyone involved and what a reunion it was. If only the month looked better…

Join us as Dale (Letterboxd), Colleen and I (Letterboxd) walk through the April releases and marvel at how it doesn’t look like much of a summer release month. I guess the world has stopped fighting the force that is the Fast and the Furious franchise. If only the new entry looked better…

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

Opening Music: Diplo’s “Revolution (Joydown Remix)

Opening April 7th

Smurfs: The Lost Village
Going in Style
The Case for Christ
Alive and Kicking
Cezanne and I
Their Finest
The Void
Your Name
SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

Opening April 14th

The Fate of the Furious
Spark: A Space Tail
Lost City of Z
Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent
A Quiet Passion
Tommy’s Honour

Opening April 21st

Born in China
The Promise
Free Fire
Phoenix Forgotten
Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Opening April 28th

The Circle
How to Be a Latin Lover

Closing Music: Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable

Pacific Cinematheque

Vancity Theatre



2 thoughts on “After the Credits Episode 206: April Preview

  1. Almost turned this off after you started bashing my beloved FF franchise. Especially because you were bashing it wrong. If anything, people should start at 5 and go from there. 5-7 are the best ones!


  2. Were you thinking of Anti Trust (2001)? Not a bad film for the time, but a little half-baked. Tim Robbins plays a really great sleaze in the movie.

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