Girls on Pop – Episode 11: Hollywood Hates Netflix

He’s baaaaack!

It’s here! The long awaited return of Sarah (@iBrockely)!

Sarah finally decided to take a break from school and we met up on a semi-clear, not so warm evening to record a show on the patio of a local dive bar.

We were mostly undisturbed except for the occasional interruption to order more food and beer. Sarah and I (@themarina) managed to have a pretty long winded conversation covering everything from a bunch of new trailers to recent hints from the Hollywood establishment that they’re not too thrilled with the way Netflix is throwing their billions around.

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: Pretenders’ “Back on the Chain Gant

1. Justice League trailer

2. Spiderman: Homecoming trailer

3. It trailer

4. First look at Alicia Vikander as Laura Croft

4. Brett Ratner on Rotten Tomatoes discussion

5. Hollywood Hates Netflix discussion

Closing Music: Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

2 thoughts on “Girls on Pop – Episode 11: Hollywood Hates Netflix

  1. Cineplex is a poison. I abhor all their polices, TimePlay, lack of 2D options, no screen-masking anymore, their pre-show fluff videos, the theme-park atmosphere, D-Box, their shitty website, and the endless commercials. I know exactly what you are talking about. I put up with it because the movie starts eventually and I like seeing movies on a big screen. But they are a virtual monopoly in Ontario, and it sucks hard. I really miss when AMC had an upscale (Landmark-ish) beachhead in Ontario and they’d show arthouse films (3-4 screens at each cinema were branded AMCselect) mixed in with the usual multiplex blockbusters. Much better curation, but they pulled out and Cineplex absorbed all their screens into one Mega-Monopoly. Like Vancouver, if you want to watch Malick, or Park Chan-Wook, or first releases of stuff like Silence, Trainspotting2 or other adult-blockbusters, you have go go downtown.

    Also, the Cyborg stuff, discount-bin IronMan is pretty funny, but I guess every superhero team needs a Hawkeye type.

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